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17 Easy Ways to Achieve Sciatica Pain Relief

There are few conditions that are more unpleasant and distracting that sciatic nerve pain. This is pain caused by pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve, or by other forms of irritation. Either way, this means disruption for the largest nerve in the human body and that can in turn interrupt the flow of information […]

19 Foods That Are Low Glycemic

Going low carb is all the rage at the moment and it’s actually for good reason. Turns out that carbs can do a fair amount of damage in our bodies and that they might just be responsible for a lot of health problems that you had just kind of accepted as par for the course. […]

10 Common Causes of Pink Eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis can have a number of causes, including viruses, bacteria, and allergies. The type of symptoms that develop may depend on the source of the infection. Some types of conjunctivitis, such as bacterial or viral infections are highly contagious, whereas those caused by allergens are not. In addition, fungus and parasites can […]

11 Surprising High Blood Pressure Causes

One of the biggest killers in the world is heart disease. Blood pressure refers to the pressure at which your arteries pump blood from the heart to the rest of the body. A person that is diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension has a rate that is too high. The abnormal blood pressure puts […]