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12 Brain Aneurysm Causes: Increasing the Odds

A brain aneurysm is as serious as it sounds. It’s basically a swollen area, caused by a bulging or ballooning blood vessel within the brain. Since it’s on the inside, the symptoms are usually all we have to go upon before a proper diagnosis. An aneurysm usually resembles a berry dangling from its stem. It […]

13 Folic Acid Benefits for Women’s Health

Folic acid is also called folate or vitamin B9. It is an important vitamin to make sure that you are getting enough of as it used for cell development, tissue growth, as well as healthy brain development. It is also vital for cell division that is necessary for producing DNA. There are several food sources […]

14 Causes Why You May be Always Tired

There are many different health-related issues that can cause you to feel tired all of the time. Of course, simply not getting enough sleep can result in you feeling tired. There are other stressors and things that you may be doing that are causing you to feel tired as well. In addition, serious illnesses such […]

16 Most Common Symptoms of a Stroke

A stroke refers to an attack of the brain. This attack can occur at any time and can affect people who otherwise seem completely healthy. A stroke happens when blood flow to a part of the brain is cut off. When this occurs, the brain cells are deprived of vital oxygen and as a result, […]