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10 Disturbing Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

Ulcerative colitis is the acute or chronic inflammation of the membrane lining the colon. The colon is, of course, made up of the large intestine and large bowel, and is the part of the body that the stool passes through. This inflammation affects the innermost layer of said colon and that can cause the appearance […]

15 Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

Anemia is a condition that describes a low red blood cell count. This can be caused by either low B12 or low iron, but the most common form is iron deficiency. Iron is a mineral that we get from our diet and which has a wide range of different important roles in the body. Among […]

12 Thrilling Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is known as the practice of abstaining for food, usually for a short period of time. Why would anyone want to do that voluntarily? There are plenty of reasons, the first being for religious reasons, but there are also plenty of non-religious reasons why you should consider fasting. Simply, fasting can be great for […]

9 Symptoms of Brugada Syndrome

Our heart is a powerful muscle that beats non-stop throughout our entire life. Unlike other muscles like our skeletal muscles, it never gets tired and it keeps going on and on. Were it to stop working, it would literally be the end of our life since death is medically defined by the complete interruption of […]