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20 Health Benefits of Vitamin E

What if you were to find out that there was a way to prevent the damage caused by free radicals and slow the aging process naturally? Well, you will be pleased to learn that there is! How? – By getting more vitamin E. An antioxidant, vitamin E plays an important role in protecting the tissue […]

16 Causes of Blood in Your Urine

Discovering blood in your urine can cause immediate panic. Many people automatically assume the worst case scenario when they make such an unsettling discovery: cancer. However, there are a variety of conditions that can lead to blood in the urine. In many cases, these conditions are not life-threatening, but do require medical attention. Medically referred […]

12 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are growing in popularity and for good reason. These striking items that bring light to your surroundings and enhance home decor can also promote optimum physical and mental health. These lamps are made of actual rocks of Himalayan salt with a light bulb installed in the middle. When they light up, you […]

19 Home Remedies for Dizziness

It’s a horribly unsettling feeling when you get a bout of dizziness and it can make you feel very unsteady on your feet. Not only can you feel at risk of falling though, but it can also make you feel less trusting in your own body and less certain of your reality. You might wonder […]