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14 Causes of Muscle Spasm

Muscle spasm is an involuntary contraction of muscles that is often abrupt and characterized by sharp pain. It is always temporary and harmless unless it keeps reoccurring that you may need to worry about them. This condition can be experienced in different muscles of the body with a spasm of the skeletal muscles being the […]

14 Obvious H. Pylori Symptoms

H. Pylori is one of the most common varieties of bacterial infection in the gut with a few thousand cases that are diagnosed every year. You might be one of them if you experience any of the symptoms that are mentioned in this article, some of which can include repeated instances of what appears to […]

16 Most Common Low Estrogen Symptoms

There are many reasons that a person may suffer from low estrogen. For some people, it is simply a genetic disposition. Other people may have low levels of estrogen because of a thyroid disorder, have ovarian cysts, or because they have gone through radiation or chemotherapy. If you have a low amount of body fat […]

18 Kombucha Benefits for the Body and Mind

Kombucha is a drink you’ve probably seen in a glass bottle at the coolest health food store in your neighborhood. What is it, though? You’ve probably been tempted to try it, but its look, color, and composition can scare some people off. It is sometimes called a Manchurian mushroom or tea mushroom. It is a […]