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12 Powerful Uterine Cancer Symptoms

Uterine cancer is one of the five most common cancers that women are diagnosed with, and it’s one of the cancers that carry the harshest prognosis. Cancer Research UK estimates that more than 319, 000 women were reported to have been diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2012 around the globe – and that statistics excludes […]

11 Hyperthyroidism Symptoms Reffering to Too Much Presence of Thyroid Hormone

Our biological functions are regulated by a number of hormones, each one of which has its own area of effect and is secreted in a specific gland. In today’s article, we will discuss the importance of the hormone thyroxine, produced in the thyroid. The thyroid is a gland located in our throats, and its primary […]

14 Facts of Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is an infection that is caused by the parasite trichomonas vaginalis. This condition should not be confused with trichinosis, which is a parasite that is found in meat that is not cooked properly. Trichomoniasis is not a great thing to have, but it often does not do much damage, except maybe to your self-esteem. […]

16 Home Remedies for Cough, Way Ahead of Medicine

Coughing is one of the first symptoms of influenza. It is nothing more than an automatic system “cleaning” that our body adapts to clear the throat from phlegm and irritants. Often, however, the cough is also a symptom of major diseases, caused by allergies, viral or bacterial infections. Studies conducted by the American Academy of […]