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10 Dry Cough Causes That Will Surprise You

Who hasn’t been there? You have just recovered from a cold, and all symptoms are gone, but that boggling cough just doesn’t seem to go away. It lasts for weeks, sometimes more than a month, and nothing seems to relieve it. Or perhaps, you haven’t been sick at all. One day you just wake up […]

9 Causes Why There Could be Blood in Stool

There are many different symptoms that we have been taught to be highly wary of. While no one likes to experience any health problem, some specific symptoms will be associated with serious health issues that can cause us to panic. For example, if you have chest pain, then your immediate assumption may be that you […]

15 Natural Remedies That Successfully Treat Swollen Feet

Are you suddenly experiencing swollen feet that feel puffy, painful, and wonder what it is? It means that you have peripheral edema. It refers to the abnormal buildup of excess fluid in the lower extremities of the body. The fluid build-up is caused by the body’s inability to transport blood and fluid backward due to […]

6 Steps to Grow Kombucha Scoby at Home

Kombucha is a tempting drink which has become tremendously popular in the West, though the drink has been used in the Eastern World for several thousand years. It has a unique flavor combination of sweet and spice. It’s easy to fall in love with it, but as soon as you do, you will realize your […]